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What is the Martial Arts Lineage Project?

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A database of martial artists of the past and present networked through a massive web of martial arts lineage. Stories, Quotes, Timelines, Videos and more, can be found on each martial artist's page. Users can look up inspiring martial artists of the past and find nearby schools that are descendant from their lineage. Create a "Lineage Page" for yourself to become a permanent part of martial arts history.

Some of the Great Features:

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Grandmaster Peter Freedman - Founder of the Freedman's Method Ketsugo Jujutsu System. Weare, NH.

I highly recommend understanding the lineage of a martial art to any serious student. Becoming a part of the Martial Arts Lineage Project has exposed my school to an amazing community of martial artists around the world and given me an opportunity to share my school's history and philosophies with potential students near and far.

Instructor Xià Chóngyì, Wudang Daoist Disciple. Wilkes-Barre, PA.

"This website provides a much needed resource in the martial arts community. As a student, it is an asset in finding qualified instructors, and seeing the community of martial artists sharing your discipline. As a teacher, it is wonderful to share your experiences with potential and current students, and record your place in the annals of your style. As an historian, this website is priceless, in that the information we all dream of having in regards to the martial arts of old, can be preserved in the now, for the martial artists of the future."

Menkyo Kaiden Travis Maxson, Ninja Order, Office of the Int'l. Honbu

"It is an awesome website and has been a real blessing to our orgainzation. Although I was made aware of some of my previous Master's martial arts lineage, I had no idea how extensive it was. I was very happy to see that once some basic information was input into the website, it generated an impressive lineage automatically."

More Reasons to Become a Part of the Project:

Preserve and Share the Lineage of your School

In ancient times the "lineage" of a school of martial arts was carved into stone in the temple walls, or painted on a scroll in a secret cave on a distant mountain, or passed down in story form, with exhilarating legends of ancient masters, outrageous battles, and lessons learned. Today, we have the incredible capability to compile an online database of martial artists - both present day and historical - and network them together through their rich historical lineage. This database is shared with the public to impress upon everyone the vast benefits of the martial arts.

Share your school's history with thousands of martial artists, worldwide!

  • How many martial arts legends have contributed their philosophies to your ideals?
  • What events lead to the development of the style you teach today?
  • How many masters have come before you?
  • What were they REALLY like?

Your School has Something of Incredible Value!


Your school has something of incredible value to share with the entire martial arts community. By publishing a web page for your school at you can be seen by thousands of martial artists all over the world. You can give them a glimpse into the history of your styles, display the influences you've gathered, and show them the faces of your Grandmasters. People are discovering their lineage, reading incredible stories, searching for their role models - they are becoming a part of history by making YOU a part of their life.

Show them the faces of your Grandmasters.

To look into the eyes of the grandmasters and ancient warriors, and to understand who they were and what they were like, has the power to give any prospective student a better appreciation for the true meaning, the true value of martial arts.
  • How has your martial art shaped the lives of the masters before you?
  • How has it shaped your life?
  • How can your school shape the lives of others?

Become a part of the biggest Martial Arts Lineage database EVER!

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